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Pritchards Pianos leaves no stone unturned to meet your expectations for the perfect piano. Take a look at what our customers have to say about us.
I’ve been teaching piano in Sarasota for 30 years and finally had the ability to purchase a new piano for myself and my studio. I’m so grateful to Clark for helping make the purchase possible. I’m thrilled with my Essex piano. It is beautiful to play and to listen to, or just look at! My students also love playing on the Essex. I feel I am able to provide a much better learning experience for my students with this high-quality piano. I absolutely LOVE my new baby grand piano!

Thank you, Pritchards Pianos, for the quality instruments that you offer in the Sarasota area.

- Julie Gensmer, Piano Teacher

Dear Dave,
I'm am absolutely thrilled with the Baldwin SD-10 concert grand piano I recently purchased from you for my grand piano collection.

With so many piano "outlets" in the market place today, it is a rare pleasure to find a concern such as yours staffed with real piano people. From the moment I stepped into your store until my Baldwin was delivered and installed, I have felt as though I was dealing with professionals and not a discount furniture store. I have every confidence in my purchase and would not hesitate to send customers your way. Thanks again for everything!

- Chuck Schmieler

I am a member of the Board of Trustees at Trinity United Methodist Church and wanted to let you know that the entire congregation is thrilled with the new Steinway Essex Grand Piano we purchased from you under the direction of our Music Director La Terry Butler! Thank you for your help and insight in such a great musical investment. The church will enjoy it for many years to come!

- Martha Mackey

My husband and I recently went shopping for a used piano. Our wonderful shopping experience began at Pritchards Pianos. The two salesmen Dave and Steve assisted us throughout the process and discussed and demonstrated the various options. 

We found a perfect digital upright, like new, and are delighted with our purchase. They also threw in free delivery and a brand-new piano bench to match the wood of the upright. Just a few days later, they were also able to find a new owner's manual for our model. We would not hesitate to recommend making Pritchards Pianos your first stop when shopping for pianos.

- Wendy P

Pritchards have a great store. Just bought an Essex piano from Mr. Pritchard on Saturday. It was a great experience. Mr. Pritchard and his staff are good to do business with!

- Charles and Gail Ward

Dear Dave,

After spending most of my lifetime on an old upright, then a console and then a baby grand, at last I have my Steinway grand – and I can check that off my “bucket list." While my “new” piano has been in our living room for just two days, I have already played it for hours and hours. It is such a thrilling instrument – in action, tone and aesthetics – that it’s hard to believe this Model 0 dates to 1915; but your refinisher and technician made it look and sound like new – with just the perfect amount of broken-in quality and patina to make it feel like a dear old friend.

My sincere thanks to you and your staff for making this purchase such a blessed event. Come to the christening – date to be announced.

- Dave Sayer Venice, Steinway Owner

It had been my dream to one day play the piano. One day around Christmas, I happened in Pritchards Pianos and instantly fell in love with the smaller sized Samick baby grand digital piano. I had the wonderful pleasure of hearing Clark play a few familiar songs with a beautiful orchestra in the background. All this beautiful sound was coming from a fabulous piece of furniture, that was also beautiful to look at. Not too big, not a keyboard, but a legitimate piano with the prettiest sound ever!

If I never played, it would have just looked lovely in my living room. Soon it became a Christmas present from my husband and with a few easy-to-play 3-chord song books, I was playing the piano. Now I am learning a few more chords and how to use all the instruments that accompany me; it's beautiful music.
I know this for sure............ it was the best gift I could have ever received.

- Louise Walters. Proud owner of a Samick digital grand piano!

I recently used the trade-in offer from Pritchards to purchase my dream piano, a Steinway & Sons Model O Chinoiserie English Style grand piano from the designer collection. I received the full purchase price back from the Essex upright I bought from Pritchards a couple of years ago. Not only is my new piano gorgeous and elegant, but the sound is phenomenal. I cannot stop playing it. It was in pristine condition upon delivery, professionally tuned and voiced. It is a great experience owning a Steinway, the best piano ever made. Every piano player should own a Steinway. Pritchards' kind and knowledgeable staff helped my lifelong dream become a reality by being the proud owner of a new Steinway.

- Cindy Fox, Proud owner of a new Steinway

Pritchards Pianos has been with us for the purchase of our Steinway grand model B piano and Roland Atelier for St. Thomas More Catholic Church's thriving Music Department. They have worked with our schedule, not to mention our budget and have an amazing staff that really listens to our needs. Not only that, they have gone out of thier way to make our parishioners repeat buyers. They have also worked with us in our concert outreach. No other company has done so much for our Church. For service, price and quality, nothing beats the team at Pritchards Piano.

- Alex Dilan, Music Minister, St. Thomas More Catholic Church

Dear Dave,

It has been a pleasure working with Pritchards since 2006. At the time I was the proud owner of a Kawai baby grand, but had been contemplating returning to the Steinway. My first piano was a Steinway vertical, it had been a wonderful experience teaching and practicing on that instrument. After two hours of playing different new and used Steinways, the decision was made. My piano would be a new Steinway B! This instrument is such an incredible instrument to work with, every day I experience something new while teaching or playing a piece.
And my students love how they sound on this piano. THEY HEAR the difference which makes me so proud. Not only has Pritchards assisted me, but also my students and their families with the decision to purchase a new or used piano. They are professional, knowledgeable and caring about each customer. Pritchards has been an incredible asset with the creation of their music book division. Their diligence in meeting my student's needs has really made a difference.

- Pam Henly, Piano Teacher

Dear Dave,
I just want you to know that I am absolutely thrilled with the piano! I have now been playing it for a month. It sounds even better than I remembered it. I could not be happier. I also want to sing the praises of the two young men who delivered the piano. They were very professional and showed an informed enthusiasm about my piano that went over very well.


- Polly Allen

Dear Dave,

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me select my digital piano. It is beautiful and I really appreciate the top-notch service you and your representatives gave me! I will always recommend Pritchards to anyone who ever asks and I thank you once again!

- Sincerely, Debra Lewis

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the exceptional customer service Pritchards has provided to Cleveland United Methodist Church on the piano we purchased from you a few months ago. Your knowledge and expertise on digital piano, your open-ended availability for training, and your willingness to help us in any way you can has been a great help to us as we learn to use and enjoy the instrument. It has been a pleasure doing business with Pritchards, and we look forward to our continuing relationship.

- Pastor Daniel Baker, Cleveland United Methodist

Just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the purchase of our Kawai piano. Since receiving the K3 Kawai model back in October our daughter Anna has been very motivated to practice more. She frequently plays an hour a day and we have seen a great improvement in her piano performance. Anna played successfully for a Christmas recital and also performed these songs at our church over the holidays. Thank you also for the opportunity to record her music at your store. The CD we sent to relatives sounded great!
The upright K3 Kawai model has a deep rich tone that has the sound of a much larger grand piano. We love listening to the sound of it throughout our home. For peace of mind it's nice to have the ten-year warranty that came with it, but I don't think we'll ever have to use it because it plays beautifully!
We were very pleased with our whole experience of purchasing a piano at Pritchards. Jeff, Steve and Dave were all exceptionally helpful and informative about what options we should consider to best meet our daughter's musical needs. In conversation with parents at the recent Christmas recital, I highly recommended that if they were considering purchasing a piano, they should visit Pritchards and try out the many wonderful pianos you have available in your store.

- Sincerely, Rosanne, John and Anna Beatty


Thank you so much for making this happen and so fast. This piano is amazing and sounds fantastic! You guys are great. Thanks again!

- Vicky Anderson

I deeply appreciate Pritchards allowing me to use your facilities for my recent "Ensemble concert" utilizing Kawai digital piano with CD recordings. The environment was certainly a pleasant experience for all my students. You have filled a void for all the music teachers in the Sarasota area. I love my Kawai digital piano.

- Eveline Bland, Piano Teacher

I wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our new Kohler & Cambell grand piano. The musicians love playing it. They say it has the sound of elegance.

The main reason I am writing you is to express my personal thanks for all the help you have given us in the process of purchasing the piano. I just wanted to express my gratitude for the fine manner in which we have been taken care of during the entire process. Pritchards not only gave us a great price but also tremendous service. I will not hesitate to recommend you and Pritchards Pianos to any ministry that is looking for a piano.

From start to finish you have demonstrated a first-class effort. Thanks again!

- Associate Pastor Daniel Jackson, Liberty Baptist Church

I am so thrilled with my piano, it's amazing! I've got a lifetime of fun now. Thanks to Pritchards and a little persistence on your part. When I came into the store to help my friend learn more about her piano she had purchased, I was so impressed. A little overwhelmed with the price, but so in love with the Kawai I couldn't stop thinking of what I could do with it. I should have bought one many years ago, but I didn't know about the Kawai and its quality. Mom and I are recording CDs nonstop for 2 days at a time. Mom has leukemia, and she doesn't have a lot of energy, so I keep her going till she drops. (Another reason why I'm so glad to be able to record in my own home.) The Kawai really is "Record Studio" quality.

Thank you so much for all your help teaching me how to work it. I am a technical imbecile when it comes to computers, and I appreciate your help so much. Again, 'You are the greatest'.

- Darby Coogan

Hi, Guy Buck here next to the Roland baby grand digital grand I purchased from Pritchards.

As my wife plays the organ and has been trading up on organs with Pritchards for many years, so I decided to go with this piano. Great choice! I have had a lot of fun learning to play it. The instrument allows me to play along with a great number of pianists. We also let it play during dinner to hear all of our favorites.

Drop in to Pritchards' newly decorated store, we did and you'll find the most friendly folks you've ever dealt with and they're talented too. They will demonstrate any instrument you want to hear. At my age, music has turned into a really fun hobby.

- Guy Buck

Dear Clark,

The Roland AT 900-C is such a wonderful instrument. I am enjoying discovering new things about it every day. Thanks so much for all your help in figuring things out. Since you helped me copy a Vima tune onto my memory stick, we are enjoying watching the slide shows, listening to the music and seeing the words all at once. Norm can also use these on his digital piano by using the USB drive. What would we do without you?

- Margaret and Norm Beisswenger

I've been a Pritchards client since 2003. I was a bass player looking for some exposure to the piano. The class room instruction, product information and concert event services have been most helpful. Pritchards sold me a Roland portable keyboard model KF 7 several years ago. Pritchards' staff recommended the Roland and provided product training. Buying Roland products from a highly professional dealer like Pritchards is the "key" to success.

- Russ Jennings, Professional Musician

Pritchards Pianos & Organs has consistently provided me with considerate service, excellent information and very good follow up for the organs I have purchased from them. Over 10 years I have been consistently offered very good value for my trade-ins as well as prompt and courteous answers to all questions both before and after purchase. On occasion they have had to go back to the manufacturer for answers and have gotten the information I requested every time. I feel that the products they offer are the very best in the field. The Roland Atelier 900 I recently purchased has no peer in the home organ field and is a joy to play and hear.

- Ms. P Ruddiman, Organist

Because of your expertise we really love the sounds that are filling our home made possible by purchasing the new Boston grand piano. Thank you for helping us find Jessica's new instrument. She loves it very much and is re-inspired from it. 

- Sharrie Cromer

Dear Dave,

I want to thank you for helping me get my Kohler Digital grand repaired.

Your service and dedication to your customers is above approach. My piano was purchased in 2008 and had a three-year warranty. We were faced with having to purchase a new motherboard. The installation and purchase was going to be extremely expensive. You reached out to the manufacturer and were able to help me get the piano at a nominal cost. You sent a truly professional technician to my home and he performed outstanding work.

It's no wonder that you have been in business for such a long time in serving the Southwest Florida community.

Thanks so much.

- Phyllis Frederick, Sarasota Resident and former Music Educator

Dear Dave,

As a long-time Pritchards customer it is past time for me to send a note of appreciation to you for the outstanding service Steve has provided from your store. I have played the piano for many years and buying the Kawai digital piano a few years ago has been a great experience. By participating in the group classes it has made me think about the music I am playing in an entirely different way. I have met many good people there who are also in the process of expanding their musical abilities. Steve has always been available to answer questions and help in any way possible. Ed and I recently purchased a new Kawai grand as a gift and Steve went above and beyond our expectations in providing stellar service. Pritchards Pianos is a business that is truly like a family.

- Ed and Nancy Proctor

We wanted you to see our pianist playing his piano thanks to you! Much appreciation to all the Pritchards staff for turning our piano into such a beautiful piece.

- McLain Family

Dave & Clark,

I just wanted to say thank you again for the great deal on the digital piano we bought from you last week. We haven't been able to get the kids off of it! It is more than we could have wanted. We really appreciate all your help. We all enjoyed working with you and it was a pleasure to meet you both!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

- Malby Family

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